What the label “ICADA natural & organic” means

icada natural organic

The label “ICADA natural + organic” onto the mybee products informs the consumer, that exclusively raw materials which comply with the strict specifications of the standard were used for the production of these natural and organic cosmetics. Plants are used from certified organic cultivation or wild collection as far as possible.

Silicones, SLS, mineral oil and other mineral oil based raw materials, synthetic organic colors, as well as synthetic fragrances are not permitted. Most raw materials usually originate from ingredients that can cooperate with Propolis.

The ICADA natural + organic cosmetics label is subject to a very strict inspection procedure. All mybee products registered for the ICADA NATURAL + ORGANIC label are strictly controlled by two bodies:

  1. Through a multitude of independent certifiers.
  2. Annual double examination by experienced cosmetic chemists in the association.